Andrea Lynn, Writer
Andrea Lynn, Writer


Inset image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute, 15 September 2017; Image/Andrea Lynn

K5 Meets Cassini and Ophiuchus

Ironically (and yet not so much), autocosmology is a collective exploration of self that demands the soul break its existing boundaries to recognize the interconnectedness of self to cosmos - an understanding of all energy as a singular cohesion that is itself the embrace of the united whole.

Grief from the depths engulfs my spirit whenever I read about Cassini or gaze into the images Cassini left behind, especially Cassini’s final image, integrated into my autocosmological story. It begins in this visual with the subject of Cassini’s exploration—Saturn—which from my Pisces calls to forgotten self as she longs for redemption … Read on in the Lucid Press