Andrea Lynn, Writer
Andrea Lynn, Writer

Acoustics of the Arctic

I am interested in narwhals and noise, the anthropogenic disruption of Svalbard narwhals' acoustic niche based on the Acoustic Niche Hypothesis (ANH). 


My recent experiences in the Arctic as a recipient of The Arctic Circle expeditionary residency, strengthened my resolve to better understand anthropogenic impacts on the narwhal and on the fragile high Arctic ecosystem in which it dwells. Because ... it's 90 seconds to midnight.  Listen to the sounds of the melting Arctic!


In Search of Narwhals

The status of narwhals of Svalbard and the Northwest Russian Arctic is unknown through most of the range (Vacquié-Garcia et al., 2017). Lack of data has elevated concerns related to the narwhal’s abundance, especially due to potential impacts related to climate change, development, and military activity (Hobbs, Reeves et al. 2019). I seek to understand anthropogenic impacts through documentation of the narwhal's acoustic habitat in the region.