Andrea Lynn, Writer
Andrea Lynn, Writer
Andrea Lynn, Sonic Journalist

The training and temperament of a journalist, Andrea Lynn explores the narwhal’s acoustic habitat, the music in melting Arctic ice, vocalizations of endemic Arctic marine mammals, and the songs of humpback whales to further positive climate policy. 


She teaches compassion-centered courses as an instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University, working with the university's ROCK Center to promote compassion, kindness, and empathy through education, action, and research.


Andrea's doctoral research explores Central Arctic Ocean underwater soundscapes, investigating the impacts of anthropogenic noise in the ocean. 


Andrea writes often about global environmental change, wondering at the same time if writing about the “Earth-born world,” the “more-than-human world,” is separating her further from it as cultural ecologist and philosopher David Abram posits in The Spell of the Sensuous.


A recipient of The Arctic Circle Expeditionary Residency, Andrea explored her fascination with the acoustics of ice and the aspects of naturally versus unnaturally occurring sounds as she contemplated the role of thermoacoustics—heat into sound into energy (the interaction between temperature, density and pressure variations of acoustic waves). During this exploration Andrea wondered if it would be possible to utilize vibration to teach refrigerators to sing in order to reduce the detrimental super greenhouse gases refrigerants emit. She hypothesized that this could also lift the world’s happiness as measured on the “World Happiness Report,a publication of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network powered by Gallup World Poll data, by muting and transforming mechanical noise.


Andrea is a doctoral candidate in the department of environmental studies at Antioch University New England. She earned her MS in interdisciplinary environmental studies from Antioch University, her MFA in writing and consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies and her bachelor’s degree from Truman State University. She has held executive level positions in both the journalism and business divisions of several media companies. Her roots in newspapers, Andrea began her journalism career as a cub reporter and remains steadfast regarding the essential role of journalism in a free society.


For Andrea, storytelling in all its forms is the preservation of our interconnectedness. 

Sometimes a spirit must fly directly into your purview to remind you that we are all connected. Photo/Andrea Lynn